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Welcome to our New Carpet Cleaning website.

We hope you will find all the information you need on our new carpet cleaning website, so that you feel reassured that your carpets are in safe hands!

Please come back as we add hints and tips for commercial carpet cleaning, residential carpet cleaning, office carpet cleaning, industrial carpet cleaning and of course general news.

Meanwhile, a little about the owner:

Being from Northampton Tony knows his customers very well. He knows high quality cleaning solutions and equipment give the best results. This coupled with his customer service experience mean he is able to offer unrivalled service to all his customers.

He now draws on his vast previous experience to bring ever higher levels of service to the carpet cleaning industry in Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering and Rushden.

Born and bred in Northampton, Tony knows all too well the importance of offering Northampton residents real value for money service without ever compromising on quality.

Tony says ” I’ve invested in the very best carpet cleaning equipment to bring the Northampton area unmatched levels of carpet cleaning power with far  less hassle! We leave all the heavy equipment on-board the van – for a quick painless job; done to the highest possible standard in order to deliver our clients an unparalleled depth of carpet clean while maintaining a quiet, mess and disruption free environment

A Carpet Cleaning Service in Northampton …

hot water cleaning in northamptonHaving invested in the very best Training and Carpet Cleaning Equipment Tony now offers Northampton a truly personal and fantastic value for money carpet cleaning service to home owners and businesses who want a straightforward, honest and dependable way of returning their carpets to look and feel as good as possible.

Whether a first class overall clean or spot stain removal service we rejouvinate even the dirtiest carpets back to a standard you’ll want to touch, feel and even smell (though obviously not in a weird way)!

Because we are an owner operated business, we make sure we get to know and truly value each and every client we serve, and always go the extra mile to give each and every one the very best results we possibly can.

Using the very most powerful ‘van mounted’ carpet cleaning equipment we clean both private and commercial properties to the highest standards without dragging a stack of wet and grimy equipment into your nice clean home or work place.

After considering various types of cleaner we disregarded ‘plug in’ portable machines: being too noisy and cumbersome for the quality of service we wanted to deliver and requiring overly strong and damaging chemicals to do a truly great job!

So we pushed out the boat and invested in a completely self-sufficient system able to use more gentle chemicals because it heats the water and  leaves all the noisy, heavy carpet cleaning equipment outside your building and inside our van – so we won’t have to ask to plug into either your electricity or water.

We chose a powerful Prochem engine driven Carpet Cleaning System that reaches deep, deep down into the carpet pile to produce a truly thorough clean. This also means that the we only bring hand tools and the carpet cleaning nozzles into your building . So…

While we get on with cleaning your carpets, your building remains quiet, habitable and clutter free!

So if you’re looking for a more personal way of getting your carpets cleaned in the Northampton, Kettering,Wellingborough area of Northamptonshire, please drop us a line – with Spot Cleaning ServiceSpecialist Equipment and Guarantee you can rest assured that the your carpets will be really deep down clean in no time!

For the cleanest possible carpets, Call Tony today!

Find out more about our Carpet Cleaning  Process or contact me HERE for a quote today to breath new life into your carpets.

Possibly the Friendliest Carpet Cleaner the Northampton, Kettering,Wellingborough area of Northamptonshire.

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