How to remove calpol stain from a carpet

Help, I have a Calpol stain on my carpet!

So it’s the middle of the night your little cherub is not feeling to great and you’ve reached for the Calpol. Magic stuff; sleep follows soon after but when you wake up you notice that in your dreamlike state you’ve got as much on the carpet as you did in baby's mouth.

What should you do to remove calpol stain?

FIRSTLY don’t reach for the under the sink stain removers that contain a 1001 different chemicals or products that claim to make things vanish. You will probably dilute and spread the stain which will make it harder to completely remove.

Instead grab some kitchen towel and try to absorb as much as you can by just dabbing the area DO NOT RUB.

If it has dried reach for the baby wipes and gently wipe away the stain trying not to spread the stain. This may not completely remove the stain. A lot depends on the fibre your carpet is made of. Natural fibres such as wool will absorb any liquid and prove tricky for you to remove. Manmade fibres can be a little easier to deal with as they are basically plastic upon which the liquids usually float.

Some modern carpets are sold with the advice that you can use bleach to clean them. Whilst this may be true I would think twice before you reach for the bleach. It is a volatile chemical and can burn skin very easily. Not the sort of thing you or your family should be crawling or sitting on.

Rest assured if you are not happy with your own efforts or simply don’t want to risk damaging your expensive carpets we have a range of natural eco-friendly products specifically designed for each individual type of stain.

New carpets can be very expensive. Our prices start at Just £55 for a single room with discounts when you add in more.

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