Factory Carpet Cleaning

Yes, factories do have carpets, and as you can imagine, factory carpets can get very dirty indeed and require specialist attention to ensure the factory floors are kept as clean and fresh as possible.

We clean your factory carpets in the Northamptonshire area. Specialist Factory and Commercial Carpet Cleaning, based in Northampton, we are ideally placed to get to your business, economical and cost effective, very thorough ensuring the best carpet clean and very reliable too.

We use a multi step process to ensure your carpets are clean and fresh.

  • Step 1 Commercial Vacuum of all factory carpet areas
  • Step 2 Fibre identify test.
  • Step 3 Pre spray with appropriate cleaning solution. This is then allowed to dwell for a shot time to break down dirt and dust molecules.
  • Step 4 Mechanical agitation (we use a machine to brush the solution deep into the pile).
  • Step 5 Hot Water extraction. We now use our powerful equipment to extract all that dirt and grime with a detergent FREE rinse ensuring no residue is left in your carpet.

Our hot water extraction equipment ensures no residue is left in your carpet. Just clean fresh carpets that stay CLEANER For LONGER.

What is Truck Mount Cleaning?

We use a truck mounted cleaning system. A truck mounted machine is a self contained unit housed in the back of the van. It powered by its own petrol driven engine and  provides unmatched cleaning power. They operate at about 20 times the power of portable electric machines used by most carpet cleaning companies. We carry our own supply of water and don’t use your electricity to power the machines.

The benefits for the factory based customer are:

  • Less equipment enters the property - Chemical bottles, water and noisy machinery stays outside.
  • Drying times are significantly shorter when using a truck mount machine due to the higher powered vacuum.

So if you are looking for a factory Carpet Cleaning specialist, look no further - Contact Us Now.